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Viaxe a Toyland - My Radio Podcast. I Know You Don't Want Me. brooke army medical center, houston/texas "fabulous and soul-satisfying!" Sep 30, 2010 · Rare Old School 12 & 7 Rare Old School Stuff 1982-1990!!! The Gold Era!!! Donnerstag, 30. Rare soul is now a collective term for all genres of soul culture from Northern Soul, Two Step, Deep Soul to Modern Soul. The existence of these ancient creatures has so far escaped the notice of present-day Lao-Kweian rulers whom the dark ophidians hate above all. Various Artists . Check out our CDs by clicking on any of the CDs For Sale tabs at the top of the page. We think this blogspot is of much help to collectors and music researchers. Hello! I am back again. Label : Cult Records [Boogie#Modern Soul] Darwin's Theory - Same (Lp # 72). a DJ Nikoless, recorded in '98/99 but never previously released. This set contains mostly rare soul tracks from the 70s and early 80s. Publié par Otares à 05:54 2 commentaires: Libellés : French boogie. Milk Carton Pop Stars (another link to info on rare and unknown music) MusicStack (to purchase some of the music on this blog) Rare and Obscure Music (Wordpress Edition) Rate Your Music; Soul And Funk Music (a link to rare R&B\soul music) Soul Movement (another link to rare R&B\soul music) Soul Walking (another link of rare R&B\soul music) Ridym - Rare Soul Mix 32 What's happened to the heatwave, was that it?? Oh well I guess you'll have to dump the BBQ now and chill out to the soul sounds of Noriko Miyato, Gilles Rivard, Gap Band and Pleasure to name a few on my latest Rare Soul Mix. The Detroit Funk Vaults: Funk and Soul from Dave Hamilton 1968-1979 (2012) Funky L. com - Great auction place to bid on new and used recorded material Rare & More Record Store - My personal collection for sale Another stellar collection of rare funky grooves! The compilation features a brilliant batch of tracks from the 70s; mostly underground soul, jazz, and funk tunes that have yet to appear on reissues, chosen by UK DJ Dean Rudland, with a feel that's as righteous and progressive as the title might imply. 04. › Released out of Memphis on the local Pepper label in 1968 "That Memphis Thing" is a great late 60s, 'big band' instrument. These were made on chill nights when I was by myself in my grandma's basement. I wanted to share some of that happiness and comfort with the world. Why The Rare Truth? “Absolute truth is a very rare and dangerous commodity in the context of professional journalism. 3 by Psych of the South. The first appeared in 1975 is a blend of soul music and various other influences that are far from the basics of rock'n'roll by Mick. 2) - 21:43:20 001. Tony Toni Tone - If I Had No Loot 11. You will find a lot of mellow soul and some two steppers. 00h - 01. rarepress martedì 17 marzo 2015. These are the original pictures of the beauty they are not photoshopped. Posted by Edwin at Rare funk out of Sweden from 1987 2007 (2) December (2) Followers For a compelling read I strongly recommend The Lynchings in Duluth by Michael Fedo. "Let's Start All Over" is one of my personal favorite soul tunes. FRENCH ELECTRO MODERN SOUL BOOGIE (nice ! very rare ! from Belgium) download. CD2 : 1 . Lost Soul Rare, live, unreleased and out-of-print recordings. Cash - Hot Thang. ‘Tighten Up Your Own Thing’ has big-voiced Etta in a ferocious funk bag. Don’t be Intimidated. A. タイ音楽と旅についての書籍「TRIP TO ISAN :旅するタイ・イサーン音楽ディスクガイド」 好評発売中。 http://soi48. Join millions of others Whether sharing your expertise, breaking news, or whatever’s on your mind, you’re in good company on Blogger. Cabrera B. Below is a button to donate via PayPal. Siouxsie & The Banshees - 1978-1982 - Rare Video Collection 1 (DVDfull pro-shot) (DVDfull pro-shot) HERES A GREAT DVD COLLECTION OF EARLY SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES LIVE PERFORMANCES. The Thought You Thought You Was Side RARE 70S & 80S SOUL. Bringing you rare and lost musical masterpieces from the 1950s through the 1990s. 1 Recorded in November 2004 and March 2005 in Michigan, this is the newest release from Italy's Qbico Records (Qbico 82). Jun 26, 2020 · Electric Octopus "Driving Under The Influence Of Jams" (New Full Album) 2017 (Psychedelic Rock) - Duration: 3:53:24. We are really on our own journey and the help from others and to others is truly not needed. These are the top 100 R&B/soul albums of all time as determined by Dave’s Music Database. This is the 3rd of 3 mixx tapes of my favorite 45' Sunday, May 31, 2020  20 Mar 2020 She did two sets, the first kicked off with probably her best know track on the Northern Soul circuit 'Dont Nobody Mess With My Baby' released  1 day ago TTT is one of those rare reunion ventures that's actually worth the on the synth- tweaked "Soul On a Rock" and "Stranger in Your Town. First Class were a superb sweet soul group; their problem was that  8 Nov 2016 [Nu Soul/Funk] Har Mar Superstar - Prisoner. Fifty episodes of Garage/Soul '66! Hard to believe we're still going strong, and still have lots more vintage psych, rock, soul and pop to share with you. http://madshoesmusicology. mp3 Alicia Keys Shares Rare Kanye West Produced Remix to Her Hit Song “If I Aint Got You” Posted by YKIGS April 22, 2020 0 Posted in New Music / Rare Gems . Much has been said about this now-classic psychedelic fantasia, but its brilliance as not just an album but a complete work of art cannot be overstated. It's Wildflower Wednesday and today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite summer bloomers, Echinacea. 1" #1056. com/. Lee Ranaldo - Late Junction Mixtape Dec 17, 2013 · SHIELDS Turtle Mail Shield [Seolkata (Turtle Boss) @ Gate of Alker – 21. com PayPal link Available Here! For Any Oldies albums purchases. rare 1; Rasere's Awakening 1; RC Cluster 2; Redeux 25; RedFish 33; Refuge 1; Reign 5; Reina Photography 3; Rekt Royalty 1; Relay For Life 3; Reliquary 1; Remnant 1; Renegade 1; replicant 1; Reve Obscura 1; Reviver 2; Rewind 3; RFL 4; Rhonda Huntress 1; Riot 1; Riot Vend 5; RiotVend 12; Ripley Bay Tattoos 1; RipRock 1; Ritual 3; Rivendale 4 Apr 23, 2011 · h Check out the rare bikini pictures of emma watson. Bernard Allison - Help Me Through The Day 04:49 003. الاثنين، 29 أغسطس 2011-لو كُنْتَ تَسْمعنُنِي NEW MIX: Pana-Soul - Here’s short but sweet mix of these rare and glorious soul 45s from Panama, a country with a small population but a vast musical soul. This Motown is an American record company. Publié par Bentleyfunk à 02:50 Aucun commentaire: Envoyer par e-mail BlogThis! Partager sur Twitter Partager sur Facebook Partager sur Pinterest. A perfect example of indie soul (sometimes low budgets do miracles!). This one. Willie Henderson & Soul Explosions - 1970 - Off Into A Black Thing (Brunswick BL 754163) 12. - 500 Rare MP3 Oldies ($50) Prof Stoned: Rare & Deleted Vinyl Hi-Rez & CD Quality downloads of long-lost MONO mixes and other curiosa, meticulously restored from the best sources. blogspot. Nevertheless, the voice of the old man was never buried. The music and mixtapes that I post up on this site is NOT for any commercial use. 1) 16: We Can Work It Out - take 2 + overdubs (Studio Sessions) 17: 12 Bar Original - take 1 (Turn Me On Dead Man) 1. Envoyer par e-mail BlogThis! Partager sur Twitter Partager sur Facebook Partager sur Pinterest. mp3 16 Thing Called Love. The soundtrack is packed with great funk with some nice prog rock flavors in the mix. Register. The record company was founded by Berry Gordy Jr. La siguiente tendrá lugar el sábado, 7 de julio, así que, ya sabéis, si queréis disfrutar de una inolvidable velada afro repleta de buen soul, funk, RnB, neo-soul y afrobeat acercáos a la calle Fermín Caballero, 19, al Motown Music Bar. Hendrix, The Who, Beatles, Love, Mothers, Stones, Them, The Dead, etc. " Sep 02, 2014 · Deep funk is a term used to describe obscure funk recordings that appeal mostly to zealous collectors and groove fanatics. The Revival Blog Rare music stuff from the past, but also new goodies. – Lost Funk & Rare Grooves From the Los Angeles Underground  3 Jul 2019 We are looking for hard, atmospheric underground funk and raw soul sound The singles themselves are so rare that copies almost never  RARE GROOVE AND SOUL. Feb 08, 2011 · This single was originally issued by Luther Davis' own label and has been very indemand between modern soul and deep funk collectors (do the names of Soul Sam and Keb Darge mean something for you?). Do velho ao novo (soul, nujazz, funk) Double-o-soul (french library) Dust is back (funk/soul/etc. When the radio station was discontinued by its parent company, I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to continue the programme as Forgotten 80s by Absolute 80s, and the first edition aired on Sunday 26th May 2013. In Japan,this kind of music was called "New Music ". Fight Back - The Dan Bongino Show®Ep. 000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wro Bill Haley & His Comets - All Time Greats (2019) VA - 100 Hits ~ Ultimate Soul (2016) 01-Blowin My Mind 02-Nite Gear 03-6. A side note: when I heard "The Invitations" I immediately noticed the distinctive voice of Lew Kirton. b4 alexander's soul time band b5 once more with feeling Download. Please check out my blog for lots of rare gospel music. Jul 28, 2016 · Labels: 1980s, Black Saint/Soul Note, Jazz albums, Marty Ehrlich, Mediafire, Quintet albums 1/06/2016 Dave Holland & Sam Rivers - Volumes 1 & 2 (Improvising Artists, 1976) I often read "rare" on mixcloud. Amongst a diverse range of sounds you'll hear pieces by Teddy Lasry, Bernard Estardy, Johnny Hawksworth and Piero Umiliani. Written as e mails sent to my son, now a thirty six year old man that I've been separated from since he was a toddler, Medium Rare , through a collection of true stories, informs SOUL STAR LEGEND 1 Expanded; Charles Jackson - gonna getcha' love 1979; LABI SIFFRE - Happy 1975; CM LORD - Cm Lord 1976; Rare soul & disco 19; Rare soul & disco 18; Rare soul & disco 17; Rare soul & disco 16; Rare soul & disco 15; Rare soul & disco 14 Buckwild - Diggin' In The Crates (Rare Studio Mast De La Soul - Buhloone Mindstate (1993) October (6) September (6) August (10) July (17) June (12) May (32) April (40) March (31) February (36) January (28) 2008 (311) If you like what you hear please delete the files and buy the original recording (If you can find it). Rare Chicano Soul (TJ Oldies & DustyRose) 3 days ago POPCORN MANIA. WHAT A GEM! WHAT A RARE FIND! Could there be anyone better than ESTHER PHILLIPS! 30 de septiembre de 2010, 8:35 I'm quite excited to present a restoration & transfer of this phenomenal album for the first time ever in high-resolution sound. K. . Apr 03, 2009 · 80's Soul Funk Boogie Friday, April 3, 2009. caps, smd components, mkp c It was released nearly six years ago, but I never checked into it until one of the soul kids brought it to my attention a couple of months ago. dimanche 29 Sweet Soul Baby (2) - Rare & Hard To Find Soul 45s Flac 10 - Patricia Denson & The Soul Expressions - I Thought I Heard You Moan (HXA Soulera) 11 - Blue Magic Rare Northern Soul sells and buys northern soul records and collections of northern soul music, Motown, 70's soul music, crossover soul, oldies soul and rare 45s. They’ve come to dislike Felisean visitors the least. Amerigo Gazaway) DISCO-FUNK mardi 2 juin 2015. A blog of rare, hardly-heard or remembered pop, hip-hop, R&B, freestyle and dance music from the 80s and 90s. Can't get enough of R&B music from the 80's and 90's, then this is the spot for you. Madrotter (Rare Indonesian Psych, Folk, Traditional) Mutant Sounds (Out-Of-Print Rare Eclectic albums) Na Bula Bula (Wildly eclectic) Never Enough Rhodes ( The name says it all! ) Nothin' Sez Somethin' Pen & Mallet (Experimental/Psych folk albums) Snap Crackle and Pop (Rare Afrobeat, Funk, Jazz, Soul albums) The Devil's Music 01 Why Settle 02 Never Felt 03 Total Package 04 Say Yes 05 Keshia 06 Spread My Wings 07 Pump Ya Breaks 08 Go 4 Whatch Know 09 Don't Act Like 10 Don't Give Up Rita's Ramblings: a basically house-bound woman in Fargo, North Dakota blogging for friends, family, and anybody who finds it interesting. 11. I've come a long way since first starting this blog back in 2007. › Atlantic Records was one of the leading record companies in rhythm and blues and soul music . This blog is created by enthusiasts of groovy and hard-to-find music for other enthusiasts. k. Please 3:18 : 4. Written by Hoagy in 1938 (lyrics by Frank Loasser), it became one of his chartbusters along with the later written Stardust, The Nearness of You and Georgia on My Mind. Dedicated to share free Nu jazz, downtempo, acid jazz, funk, future jazz, soul, fusion albums and live shows. The Gonzo Post is now The Rare Truth; The Gonzo Post has officially been sold (domain went to a porn company, really?) and is now becoming The Rare Truth (TheRareTruth. Apr 10, 2013 · Rare Grooves Vol. 8 fm Oct 11, 2016 · soul, funk, disco, rare groove, salsa, mambo, guaguanco, charanga, bolero, a touch of brasil and all that goodness!! Un homenaje a mi residencia, todos los domingos en Marula Café, Barcelona : Jazz Latin Jam de 23. Description: Shared compilation of ten tracks by The Allan Sisters and thirteen from Mary Saxton including rarely found on CD, "Take My Heart" the backing track of  Mickey & the Soul Generation's “Iron Leg”—an organ-based instrumental with a ferocious opening—was a rare groove that became one of the foundation stones   8 Sep 2017 ''Too many reissue compilations are content to merely slice 'n' dice familiar catalog choices in not particularly original ways. Mar 25, 2020 · The musician Manu Dibango, who has died aged 86 after being treated for Covid-19, covered a vast spectrum of styles, from traditional African roots music to jazz, soul, Afrobeat, reggae, gospel, French chanson, Congolese rumba, salsa and solo piano. This one is for all of the SUPER QUEENS. (They say it started in 1972 - ) "Mithril? much better. Although her release ‘Sex Toy’ on Jam -Kru Records will stack your bank account a little higher, I feel like this cut is a little bit more of an accurate representation of the Beat Electric sound, and aesthetic. Soul II Soul - Keep On Movin' (Teddy Riley's Rubba Dub) 05. Number One has such an inevitable groove and somehow the tune manages to create a nasty but classy mood at the same time. very complete, various bitrates though) Dust on the stylus (funk rare 45") Dyin to be dancin (disco) Ebony cuts (the blog, disco, mixes only) Ebony cuts (the blog, killer rare disco) Fanklin mint blog (various 70s) Apr 25, 2010 · GENE ESTES BAND Westful: Jazz In Hollywod 1976 256+ VBR LAME mp3 Vinyl rip & scans from Nocturne NRS-701 Preview clip: Big "P" Besame Mucho Although the name may not jump out at you right away, first-call LA percussionist Gene Estes has played a part in many classic recordings, including some of my best-loved soul faves like Willie Hutch's The Mack, Eddie Kendrick's The Hit Man (c/o Soul Fanatic hello, this is my blog, i come from germany and i am looking for good rare lp's & 45rpm's Mein Profil vollständig anzeigen Madrotter (Rare Indonesian Psych, Folk, Traditional) Mutant Sounds (Out-Of-Print Rare Eclectic albums) Na Bula Bula (Wildly eclectic) Never Enough Rhodes ( The name says it all! ) Nothin' Sez Somethin' Pen & Mallet (Experimental/Psych folk albums) Snap Crackle and Pop (Rare Afrobeat, Funk, Jazz, Soul albums) The Devil's Music 01 Why Settle 02 Never Felt 03 Total Package 04 Say Yes 05 Keshia 06 Spread My Wings 07 Pump Ya Breaks 08 Go 4 Whatch Know 09 Don't Act Like 10 Don't Give Up Rita's Ramblings: a basically house-bound woman in Fargo, North Dakota blogging for friends, family, and anybody who finds it interesting. Read album reviews, chat with fans, Listen & Download rare music pieces. 15: I'm Looking Through You - take 1 (Ultra Rare Trax vol. WE continue to share and depend on the support of our prayer warrior Here is the passion which I wish shared, on my blog quite a lot of sound of 1978 has 1988 boogie rather rare disco soul funk which results from my personal collection and from the other good ecoute funkeur has you all*** James Brown and The Soul Mates - Get Up And Get Do Random Thoughts From A Brotha: James Brown and The Soul Mates - Get Up And Get Do : Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; O-Dog Day Partying earlier but we Blues Collection (Vol. 8 Aug 2019 The northern soul guys were the first ones to do it. Back with another comp ready for that Memorial Day weekend. fr/ Mixtape Rare 45s Soul Funk 70s #7inch 03 by Marc Us #Funk #Break #Soul #Northern  22 Sep 2013 This is such a minefield, so far the best I have found is this http://www. Enrique Olivarez y Los Vampiros - 197? - Arriba Tipo (Discos Vampiros LPS RARE SOUL TREASURES 2020 Publié par BENTLEYFUNK 2020 à 06:23. Enjoy. Music is the biggest of all religions. Ben Granfelt Band - Breathe 05:48 002. RARE FUNK & DISCO 15 . A rare and delicious Disco treat, with surprisingly great tracks. Rare lp relased by an obscure soul funk combo on Inner City Records in 1977 and produced by George Semper . Acclaimed soul legend Bill Withers died on March 30 from heart complications. Listed Out of print, Private press, Rare Albums, Unsorted, Lost albums, Not on Label, Demos, Obscure, Promo, Deluxe, Library, Collection from all music genres. NorthernSoul45s. The first KICKS issue came out on 1979’s April… At the time the man behind this keyboard was a six months old screaming n' farting machine… The first time that KICKS publications came to my attention was about a decade ago. "No Explanation" was released in 2005 in the U. After all, in each of the twelve shows in which Elvis performed from Jan 1956 to Jan 1957, he only sang a couple of songs, which adds up to a total of just one hour of what he was paid to do, sing. com Preview the sample below Cloud 9 - Mellow Instrumental Created with FL Studio. Anyone who knows me is well aware of my deep love affair with the small records with the big hole! 2 more (high quality audio) mixes coming up within the next week. [3] Peter Agoston and his House List Podcast are back with this very special mix done by Kevin Beacham a. Fischer Price: European crate digging stuff. If you have any rare disco, funk or soul album from the 70's or 80's you would like to showcase on this blog please email me. Gonzalez, whose recent work has transcended the genres of jazz, has teamed up with Detroit saxophonist Bey, as well as reedmen Skeeter Shelton (son of renown Chicago drummer Ajaramu and the keyboardist/singer Amina Claudine Myers) and Mike Carey, both also from Detroit, along Funky Frolic regular blunderspublik has been busy on Mixcloud putting together what he calls the "Metameric Mix: Centipede Radio". Tuesday, 23 June 2020. This article is about the genre of music. 1284 Posted by James Kingsley - QPatriot at Nov 02, 2011 · Trends Audio TA-10. £10. RARE GROOVE AND SOUL. Out Of Order 2. Big Mike Griffin - Let's Have A Party 05:45 Manifezzto Blog brings experimental jazz music from all around the world. Here you will find outstanding topics so you can enrich your knowledge and be entertained as well. It's only by sharing the treasures of your soul that you can earn the respect of your customers and establish a flourishing business. 2P - Specs 2x6W@8Ω/20-20000Hz, 2x10W@4Ω/20-20000Hz, 1 Tripath TA2024 stereo amplifier chip (class T), 2x1800µF/16v Rubycon MCZ el. 5 being average, 10 a must have and a 1 pretty much a paper weight. "Soul Finger" reached the pop Top 20 and went all the way to number three on the R&B chart, establishing the Bar-Kays in the public eye (although the follow-up, "Give Everybody From my earliest childhood I loved records. Most importantly, Dibango was a founding father of funk. Forever 3:49 : 5. Rare groove and soulful music from the 1970s to the present day. Welcome! Rare Chicano Soul (TJ Oldies & DustyRose) - *Here is a compilation that I was honored to be invited to share with my very dear friend of at least 20 yrs on line, Thank you for the invite and BTW I Motown is an American record company. Here at South Side Souldiez we are investing an extreme amount of time and money to present you with the best under the radar soul available. 1 May 2018 A very rare LP on a large label (Sugar Hill) which is a bit strange. What is amazing in retrospect, however, is the relatively limited amount of television exposure Elvis really had. May 04, 2006 · Welcome To The Throwbacks Dedicated to 80's & 90's R&B. It also has a deep and soulful masterpiece hidden between the heavy jazz funk cuts. You Haven't Seen Nothin' Yet 0 Comments · Picture. Apr 10, 2019 · You know the drill: Smooth, groovy or wicked, it’s right here inside “Soul Seduction”, your sophisticated music affair that educates your ears every Friday night by mixing new, classic and rare recordings. Track List: 01 – Thee Unknown 4 – Sad Girl (TJ Oldies) R Blogger lets you safely store thousands of posts, photos, and more with Google for free. If you enjoy the task that we are undertaking and would like to continue to see us here, please support our cause and assist us financially to continue our work. Disco Love : Rare Disco & Soul Uncovered by Al Kent, released 02 January 2010 1. 000. Publié par Unknown à 03:43 Aucun commentaire: Envoyer par e-mail BlogThis! 20 years of experience as a dj/promoter/producer and all around horticulturalist on digging for beats and planting the musical seeds of rhythms and sounds in the Los Angeles music scene, dj dAz brings you the best in soul, reggae, hip hop, jazz, funk, deep house, and dance classics available for free (BUT DONATIONS ARE DEFINITELY APPRECIATED). Enjoy #samples, #sample, #funk, #soul, #jazz, #drumbreaks, #drums, #breakbeats, #breaks, #beats, #vinyl, #records, #downloads, rare soul samples, smooth jazz, download, free, how to sample vinyl records, where to find samples for hip hop, mpc food, Please Subscribe To My YouTube 04 Summertime. This is The House List - Episode #142. com*. To celebrate, we're marking another important occasion -- the release of Lost Souls, Vol. Jan 31, 2010 · A 70's & 80's classic soul and R&B music blog. The best music of the 50 1 comentario: jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2009  John Phillips Soul & Stone Marching Band That Memphis Thing. Here's My Contact Info Brownyosoulhomie@gmail. From one-hit wonders to no-hit wonders, this blog has it all!! Thursday, November 7, 2013 Rare Soul Samples Volume 1 - Contains 10 sample chops Samples Provided by ProducerGrind. Rare SouL They say about me : " . . LOST VINYL OF THE 60'S (RARE NORTHERN SOUL, REGGAE, PSYCH AND BEYOND) From my earliest childhood I loved records. Esquires Now ‎– Born To Win (1973) Antillana ‎– ALPS 1009. Kenny Bernard - Aint No Soul (Left In These Old Shoes) (2:05) 4. The golden era of American soul Tuesday, December 17  Here's one of the too much rare albums recorded by composer/leader Claude Cagnasso and his big band. A digital record collection & a meeting point for us all brothers and   Soul Sisters and Soul Brothersrare soul tracks from the Atlantic records vaults. Geneva – Holiday Label: EMI Electrola – 1C 560-8 80105 2, Strictly Dance – 1C 560-7243 8 80105 28 Format: CD, Maxi-Single Country: Ge Yet Another Epic Adventure Into Sound. 'A Scratch in the Sky' is one of those rare records laid down at the height of the sixties which manage to pull in the best qualities of the band's many influences and turn back out something wholly unto is own. 01-1-800 Good Man 02-Girlfriend 03-What You Won`t Do 04-She Can`t Love You Like Me 05-Nookie Juice 06-Where Did I Go Wrong 07-Caught Up 08-Her Kids 09-Go Back Back with another comp ready for that Memorial Day weekend. Soul family members of the same soul family or of two adjoining soul families that create a very deep soul connection with sixthdimensional Soul Love positive interference pattern (buddhic consciousness) are called soul mates. LITTLE - The Way We Used To Roll (1994) HEATHER PARK - Baby I (2005) MR. The cosmic harmonies of the Beach Boys, the jangling spirit of The Byrds, the rollicking pop of The Beatles; these are all commonly Jun 13, 2017 · Hidden Rare Candy On Whirl Islands Pokemon Soul Silver Pokemon Silver Map 73 Images In Collection Page 1 Soul Silver Map Pokemon Heart Gold Soul Silver Review The movie is all about revenge from the grandpa era to the young generation. Year : 1978 Fantastic and Rare Bio Here, not to be missed! Under the Influence Of  Rare Soul 45s specialize in the rarest northern soul and modern soul 45 records. In the Studio 4:15 : 6. For those that don't know, or those that think that know, get familiar here with what is arguably the dopest female soul album of all-time! Ruby Andrews is Chi-Town's finest soul sister, putting Mavis Staples and Minnie Ripperton in the shadows. Year : 2013. Like deep soul, the term deep funk can evoke the strongly African-American essence of the music, but deep funk also carries the connotation of a collector digging through crates of old records, looking for that special rare, underground find. This comp is to enlighten people that there is alot of bands out there still making & keeping that soul music ALIVE!! Modern Soul if you will. One of the upbeat tracks you can notice the anomalies associated with vinyl records but the rest is solid. I talk about art or craft projects, my grandson (Ian), the weather, movies, books, health, and whatever happens to be going on in my life. You need more rare grooves? RARE SOUL TREASURES. Meli'sa Morgan - Can You Give Me What I Want 10. GEORGE & GWEN McCRAE : “Winners Together Or Losers Apart” 3 May 31, 2020 · doo wop n soul oldies I will post ratings on this blog from 1 to 10 on thousands of oldies CD's that I have collected throughout many years. This single was issued in the late 70s on his own label (light blue copies are the original). 'til now! A blog of rare, hardly-heard or remembered pop, hip-hop, R&B, freestyle, dance and country music from the '70s, 80s, 90s  27 Abr 2020 KAIRE - Soul Intentions Albúm CD - 1995. Mega Hip-Hop o melhor lugar para você fazer download de discografia e álbuns de Rap/Hip-Hop. Including Etta James. You'll find your favorite artists here, as well as some that you may not be familiar with! We'll cover every genre imaginable: Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk, Country, R&B, Folk. no rap, no mosh pits, just the classics. The Dramatics and Nas (Prod. ” Hunter S. I would like to invite you all to listen to my new Radio Podcast in Ivoox, Viaxe a Toyland. amazon. What I really liked about the movie, is the way the men speak to the women, I mean its so sweet. Ranging from late 60 Ranging from late 60 Rare Soul Disco vol 5cd1 Rare Soul & Disco Vol 5. Soul samples for you to chop up or loop however you want to. com/ Soi48 (EM RECORDS,OMK) DJ unit and Thai music research team comprising Tokyo natives Kei  VA - Rare Mod : A Collection Of 60's Underground Rhythm&Blues, Psych&Soul Vol1-6. Supreme Soul: 30 Modern Soul Gems. But this four-disc,  14 Jun 2019 Vinyl review: http://djsoulparanos. Found a lot of rare Soul and Rock on this site so stop by and give it a taste. While the flip "What You Gonna Do" was released in 2004 on a CRYSTAL BALL Cd of dubious origin "Rarest Of The Rare The Girl Groups Vol. co. Portrait - Honey Dip 07. No, I'm not an expert on anything in particular but I am honest. as Tamla Records on January 12, 1959, [1] [2] and was incorporated as Motown Record Corporation on April 14, 1960, in Detroit, Michigan. David Batiste & The Gladiators - 1970 - Funky Soul [Part 1] (Soulin' 547) (Instant 3308) 14. Kenny Bernard - Hey Woman (2:56) 5. Albums, 12 Jan 27, 2014 · Here's a few beats I made in the past couple of days. When I casually explain to some of my uninitiated friends that some Northern Soul records go for  Find vinyl sounds of Funk, Soul, Jazz & R&B albums from the great decades of 60s, 70s & 80s. Artists that don't want their work posted here are required to email us so as to remove their work from RARE FUNCTION - Love (1980) 7 SONS OF SOUL - How Long (2004) KENNY SMITH - If There Is No You (1998) J. 1 - Jefferson Starship - Dragon Fly - 1974 2 - Billy Cox - Nitro Function - 1972 3 - Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye - 1975 4 - Luther Allison - Bad News Is Coming - 1972 In 1966, Gladys Knight And The Pips signed to Motown Records’ Soul subsidiary, where they were teamed up with producer/songwriter Norman Whitfield. Fresh (1) Dr. funky soul disco funk mp3 free gratuit James Brown and The Soul Mates - Get Up And Get Down feat. en In addition, if you're a reader, you'll discover some wonderful stories, all with a mystic twist, from my upcoming book: Medium Rare, Memoir Of A Slightly Mad Mystic. 1 boasting a heavyweight vinyl collection of not only Soul, Funk, Hip Hop & rock solid B-Boy breaks, but also the toughest Salsa sounds Blood splatter 1421 Curly pigtails 1477 Lady di 59 fbomb 324 Girly shoes 1295 Jbuns 3822 Kiss top 345 Party pony 1335 Cute hoodie 1356 Princess toes 1336 music for my soul sharing music that has been there for me throughout my life, the ups and downs. Sands Of Time - Ev'rytime We Say Goodbye (2 Etta James Sings Funk seems to be one of the least known of Miss James' records. She helped shape modern popular music, was one of the few black Who Said That Your Soul Can't Inspire Your Success? When it comes to doing business, calculations and planning are necessary but not enough for success. Most of my selection is very rare and was mostly only released on 7 inch. Teen- Age Dreams - Teenie Weenie Records 2 weeks ago These Old Memories. Soulful Grooves and Soul Music Collector - Two sites from Soul Music man Paul Philips, who broadcasts Saturday nights on Solar Radio and also has a great site showcasing some rare dance albums. Marvin Holmes & The Uptights - 1969 - Ooh Ooh The Dragon [Part 2] (Uni 55111) 13. Jul 07, 2008 · Tweaks Rare Soul! RARE 70's SOUL! // PASSWORDS GIVEN FOR TRADES! Monday, July 7, 2008. 01 Intro 02 The Block(Interlude) 03 Love Hurts 04 My Man's Not The One 05 Why I 06 Never Worry 07 If It Wasn't 08 Love 09 Treats M Jun 14, 2019 · First posted 8/11/2011. Released on the tiny Aketa's Disk label, this one has been a big want for a long, long time now and it does not disappoint. Folk Aor CCM Funk Disco Pop Soul Blues Rock Prog Jazz and mutch more. Starfleet Music Pool - Breaking records from Hip Hop to Euro Dance music through its thousands of DJs around the globe Jul 23, 2017 · Rare Soul Samples Volume 4 - Contains 21 sample chops Samples Provided by ProducerGrind. and Rakim (1) Fat Joe (1) Foxy Brown (1) Gang Starr (6) Goodie Mob (1) Group Home (1) Group Therapy (1) Guru (2) Havoc (2) Intro (1) J Dilla (6) Jay Z (2) Jeru the Damaja (3) Junior Mafia (1) Kanye West (1) Keith Murray (1) Knoc-Turn From the album The Persistence of Memory June 4, 2009 a fabulously rare first edition of the James Joyce novel Ulysses sold for £275,000, the highest price recorded for a 20th-century first edition. A Tribute to the last Melvin Lindsey (The Quiet Storm) -WHUR A blog about Useful and Interesting Information, Photography, Beautiful Girls and Places Nov 27, 2012 · Soul music is a family affair for Will Hatcher, being cousin of Edwin Starr and Roger Hatcher's brother. TLC - Get It Up (Remix) 08. Rare Soul, Rare Jazz, Rare Groove, and all of the good things in life. Many thanks goes to Will T who sent this one over, it s been on constant rotation ever since it landed. The aim of this blogspot is to share some ultra rare LPs of the 80s of hard rock/ heavy metal. Featu. Knight’s tough vocals left them slightly out of the Motown mainstream, and throughout their stay with the label the group was regarded as a second-string act. Aura - The Aura (1977) 01. sweet soul shakin' young hearts baby won't you change your mind black ivory self titled ronnie mcneir live at the apollo motown revue greatest hits bobby womack since i lost my baby temptin' temptations diana ross join the temptations & the supremes the best of jerry butler superstar series martha & the vandellas anthology- 3lps smokey & the VA - Kent's Cellar Of Soul ~ Volume 3 (2014) VA - American Songbook Series ~ Duke Ellington (1994) The Odd Persons ~ Beat In Germany (2003) VA - The 150 Best Singles Of 1981 (2020) Elvis Presley - 50. A blog archive of classic rare soul, R&B and Hip Hop CD and 12" singles from the 80s-90s. uk/Best-Northern-Soul-All-Nighter-Ever/dp/B00005CBW6  13 Jul 2016 Despite the name, most Northern Soul music actually came from the States, where DJs dug up obscure singles and limited releases from pretty  19 Jul 2013 Rare Rhythms and drum breaks from around the world; William S. You are really unique and you are really blessed " <3. The book is an eye-opening account of one of the darkest moments in Duluth history, well-researched and well-written. links. Hasta el nombre del sitio acompaña. "Come Back Baby", "The La La Song", "He's So Easy To Love" all make this a must have. uk - Worldwide suppliers of Northern Soul & Rare Soul since 1980. Withers was one of the most cherished and respected artists of the 20th century. Echinacea, commonly called conefl Kikin-Bakk (Funk, Blues, Hip-Hop, Soul) Neapolitan Funk & Soul (Rare Funk, Soul) Original Funk Music (Funk) Oufar Khan (Funk, Soul, Jazz) The Fingersnapper (Soul, Groove, Rock&Roll, HH, Jazz) What da Funk (Registration Site) Will for all (also R&B) Kikin-Bakk (Funk, Blues, Hip-Hop, Soul) Neapolitan Funk & Soul (Rare Funk, Soul) Original Funk Music (Funk) Oufar Khan (Funk, Soul, Jazz) The Fingersnapper (Soul, Groove, Rock&Roll, HH, Jazz) What da Funk (Registration Site) Will for all (also R&B) Home of the Groove Based on the premise that the true Home of the Groove, at least on the North American landmass, is the irreplaceable musical and cultural nexus, New Orleans, Louisiana and environs, this audioblog features rare, hard to find, often forgotten, vintage New Orleans-related R&B and funk records with commentary. This first edition is unopened – apart from the last episode, where Molly Bloom’s long stream-of-consciousness soliloquy ends in her orgasmic “yes I said yes I will Yes”. Gerry & The Ohio - An Old Christmas Card (2:46) 6. 12/29/2006. I intend to upload the scans first, and then maybe write a few words about each record. PRESENTS The Collector Series - Rare R&B & New Jack 79 https://rarefunksoul. I truly hope you enjoy reading the life lessons I share from The Fugitives What Made You Blue (Mickey Russell, Richard Donlavey; Tips Music BMI) Shoestring Records 108 [1965] Shoestring Record Being my first post and all, I needed to come correct with something slamming. 18 Rodas - 18 Xuño 2020 - PLAY 01 CHANGÓ - Caminando 1975 02 THE GHETTO BROTHERS - Got This Happy Feeling 1972 03 FLASH AND THE DYNAMICS - Electric Latin Soul 1971 04 SANTANA - J Hace 3 días VENENOS DO ROCK Bienvenue à SIXTIES BEAT,. Thompson A beautiful and very rare album from the annals of European psychedelic/folk/prog circa 1972. HIGH GLOSS : “Get It Up For Love” 2 . This week I have made a 10 pack of some of the dope sample chops in my collection. com February 17, 2017 at 3:29 PM Through this space, I want to promote fine Soul, Funk and Jazz music (rare or not rare). INFJ's are Needed Online and Hear an Inner Calling in a Strange Twist is that We Do Not like Attention but Yet Do Missions in Life that Gets Attention in the Mission of Helping Humanity Motivation for this post is Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) , talks about the sixteen personality types was developed by psychiatrist Carl Jung in his book Great to see this album reissued - originally recorded for the Stonelady label back in 1971 at the height of the Vietnam War: A wonderful bit of harmony soul from the east coast -- a record with exactly the kind of fragile emotion and personal depth you might guess from the cover! Bringing you rare and lost musical masterpieces from the 1950s through the 1990s. mp3 02 Over the Rainbow. Explore the Rare Groove Top 100 list by Blairikbeats on Discogs. Jones 4:18 A blog about Jazz featuring CD,and book reviews and postings about the music and its makers. You'll find your favorite artists here, as well as some that you may not be familiar with! We'll cover every genre imaginable: Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk, Country,   17 Feb 2012 What some people would pay for an original, first pressing of a 7” single is hard to believe and even harder to justify to your wife. Searchers - Lovers (2:47) 3. White Trash Soul n' Downloads This is a space 'bout real rock n' roll, created with the hope to promote interest in devil's music! My only intention is to share my passion, entertain and maybe educate. We probably missed loads of rare rock stuff, but I  Introduction to artists, singers, groups & bands of 1960s Soul, early / vintage / 1960s RnB, Northern Soul & Mod. Black Rock - New York City Bump 2. mp3 05 Here Today and Gone Tomorrow. This is in fact due to the musicians that surround Mick, especially the singer Chuck Bedford (Great soul singer), which is the main composer with Mick Green. AFFRICA (1); AGRICULTURE (11); America (1); blog (1); Buddhism (1); Cancer (4); Carbon cycle (1); Compost (1); cricket (1 May 25, 2020 · 2h 2l (old school) or balance pow/know/alac/health and get luck from gear (new age) SKILLS: Attacking Order, Defensive Order, Using Special Ability, Glare, Bait, Brainwash (use below awakening to get elite pets, when you rebirth use this awakening), Urgency, Treatment, Praise, Compassion, Yell/Frighten (cp gainers), Pet Record, Feed Chili, Gloomy/Cloudy Day (Demon Pets), Gloomy/Foggy Day Smudged eye makeup is one of the most embarrassing beauty blunders to deal with, and whether you’re planning on watching a tear-jerker, attending an all-day music festival or are heading to a sweaty Soul Cycle session, opting for a quality waterproof mascara is your best bet when it comes to avoiding the dreaded raccoon eye look. Exceedingly rare are foreigners trading with the Bào shé, let alone enjoying their nefarious services. A collection of Sixties underground Rhythm and Blues, Psych and Soul. We'll supply some throwbacks for you all, but if you'd like to contribute, then feel free to do so. Gotta Thang For You 04-Intoro 05-Sara Smile 06-Marie 07-Pretty Brown Round 08-Together Forever 09-Lady Love 10-Intro Libellés : descarga, interview, latin jazz, opera de lyon, opera undergound lyon, sabu martinez, soul descarga, spiritual-jazz 06/04/2020 Radio show spécial Manu Dibango pour Radio Nova Lyon 89. Ralph Tresvant - Money Can't Buy You Love 12. Rare find featuring all of Roddie Joy's singles. You Got Something 02. Linda Warn dijo. By BENTLEYFUNK 2020 à 18:58 Aucun commentaire: Philly Groove Records Presents_ Deeper In The Groove. SIXTIES BEAT a été créé afin de mettre à la disposition de tous, quarante années d'archives personnelles, pochettes de disques et CDS, photos, co This show is the successor to Q The 80s, which was a cult programme I was privileged to host on Q Radio across the UK from September 2010 to May 2013. Please consider the artist by buying albums, concert tickets and merchandising. "Soon you're old" starts in a quite mellow mood and picks up at about half time, rising to a jazz funk climax of strings, Fender Rhodes, massive wah guitar and percussions, aerial pure & true soul lazaret oujda morocco Dec 14, 2015 · soul detective Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to join me in my quest to find out as much as possible about these all but forgotten artists. The soul music collectors web site for rare and collectable soul, funk, jazz, fusion, boogie, disco, house, garage ,go go, two step, crossover, modern. This blog is just somewhere that I can post images of some of the interesting records that pass through my hands. It is also widely distributed for rare metals. Welcome to my little corner of the world. If you are the artist or label & would like the link to be removed just contact me & it will be done. Thursday, December 10, 2020 bayviewsax-lostsoul. Eric B & Rakim - Friends (Remix) 06. They kind of have a J Dilla/Dj Premier/Pete Rock mixed with my style-type of feel to them. Create your own list of music and share it with the world. Each day is a journey through life and with it a view of the wonder and joy of the heart and mind with an explosion of passion and desire. The Pat and Barb Verly family and their 5 children, in laws and grandkids along with many prayer warriors have been drawn together by John's cancer sharing daily for 8 months started this blog- Family Soul Story - Our faith, family, farm and now our cancer journey called HEALING have colored and deepened our world. Clap Your Hands rare oldies, latin oldies, doo wop, chicano soul, r&b and classic soul to name a few. Subway were a half American, half British duo, living in France, who released 200 copies of this, their self titled album, on vinyl, and promptly disappeared without trace. Gonna change it up a bit with the rolas but with the same type of soul flavor. The best material for a blacksmith is a metal called Mithril! " The sound of pounding iron is echoing everywhere. I have a huge library of rare hip hop samples that I want to share with you. The EP featured here was released in 1994 and consists of four previously released but rare tracks, three being taken from their impossible-to-find cassette-only album 'Unmistakably Rainbow Trout' and one coming from Delerium's 'Psychedelic Psauna' compilation. This would make a perfect intro for a Sunday soul mixtape. Searchers - Popcorn Double Feature (2:58) 2. All My Life 2:30 : 3. Mr. I used to host Rare Reggae Grooves From Studio One Posted by : Monkey SKA domingo, 2 de julio de 2017 Producer from as far back as 1959 Clement 'Coxsone' Dodd can be regarded as the founder of Reggae music and his "Studio One" imprint as the most legendary record label in the history of Reggae. For other uses, see Soul music (disambiguation). insanelyraremusic. One of the chops in this pack is a Kanye West sample that I think you guys can body. 2. Have some fun with these sunny soul treasure between modern soul & nothern soul. So spread the Wag: Iconic Tunes From The Wag Club 1983-1987. A decade later I'm a triple negative breast cancer survivor. Funk and Soul Music & Information For Collectors & DJs Of Rare Funk & Soul. As the title might suggest, there are a host of gritty southern soul offerings on this LP, the majority of which are rare recordings by relatively obscure artists. Its like you never think, it would end up like this. Classic and Rare Soul Sisters 50s - 70s sábado, 21 de diciembre de 2019. Get notified when this product is back in stock. Dre (3) Eminem (5) Eric B. Notify Me. This is the cosmic origin of the girlfriend /boyfriend archetype. Free for All! Rare soul is now a collective term for all genres of soul culture from Northern Soul, Two Step, Deep Soul to Modern Soul. Throughout the 1970s, he released a string of amazing songs, many of which have become timeless classics. 1. Updated 6/14/2019. He was 81. Arranged by the genius Richard Evans, with a strong Chicago soul feel. Soul Strut  Music you've never heard…. com I love avant garde Jazz. Alan Parker ‎ The Sound Of Soul (1976) Themes Inte A rare bit of gospel from the Louisville scene at the start of the 80s – but a set that's also got plenty of secular soul appeal too – thanks in part to the righteous message in Lamont's lyrics, which would fit with some of the deeper sounds of 70s soul – and thanks also to the Meshay’s Out Of Control was released by Dion Entertainment out of Los Angeles CA in the later years of Boogie in 1985. My only aim is to promote real art & music for some reasons currently unavailable according to my sources. Audio. 6 for '06 I keep Telling You. Every once in a while a compilation comes along that re-defines the genre. I write openly from my heart about life, faith, chronic illness and the everyday struggles I face. Track listing: Side 1 1. September 2010 A14 Soul Sonic Force* - Planet Rock Title - Own the Journey within Ourselves the Soul Path is Love Being You We are truly on earth for ourselves, no matter how we perceive that we think we need to help others or others to help us. The Bong Druid Of Mammoth Weed Mountain Recommended for you This blogspot music page is only for those collectors that might be interested in buying Or trading rare soul rolitas on zipped compressed music foders. Stay Creative and stay cookin' Click Here to Download "The "Chitlin' Circuit," like "Tin Pan Alley" and "Motown" and other legendary music locations, is both a real and symbolic term for the on-and-off-again venues--shoebox-sized bars, clubs, cafes and increasingly in the 21st century, casinos-- that support traditional rhythm and blues in a tenuous but tenacious thread through America's mostly rural (or low-profile urban) Bible Belt. com/ 0 Comments · Picture. dig it!!! Oh And you can find me online Oct 16, 2009 · Dead Dog Records - Great place to find rare Soul and Doo-Wop oldies and compilations eBay. Jun 13, 2020 · My Soul on canvas, "Pictorial Prose" Pictorial Prose dances to the rhythm of the soul and the magic of nature. NEW BLOG – SAME SHIT The Fifth Microphone *funk, soul, rare grooves, va; Self-released Digital 2020 (Review by Steve Shafer) If you aren't into American hardcore and punk from the first half of the 1980s, yo WestCoast, ccm, ssw, Smooth Jazz & Fussion 70’s and early 80’s, gospel funk, modern soul, funk rock and westcoast aor, aor, soft aor and a fews hard aor’s Publicado por Ángel D. The term is used inflationary, but most of them are not rare. This list was devised by compiling 22 R&B and/or soul-oriented best-of lists into an aggregate list. Jun 26, 2020 · The Godmother of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Sister Rosetta Tharpe was a true pioneer. Desde marzo llevo dos sesiones, la segunda con bastante éxito. Come & join with us & enjoy. SUPER QUEEN Saturday, 25 April  NEW MIX: Pana-Soul - Here's short but sweet mix of these rare and glorious soul 45s from Panama, a country with a small Blog* *Mixes from Japan and around the World * * Check and Subscribe* * http://themixtapeunites. Smile Street People - Lypso Disco 3. Each case will be ongoing, with new information added as we receive it. Sands Of Time - One Day (2:54) 8. She released this sole album in 1976 . I'm Gonna Try. 19 de maig 2014. It's good for the metal itself, and even better for fusion with magic. The music that will be represented on this blog is funk, soul, disco, grooves, reggae, dub, jazz, psychedelic and afro. on a GOLDMINE Cd "Rare Soul Review" GSCD173. › ALL of the music I love was created by black artists or influenced by black music. Rare Soul & Disco Vol 6-cd2 . Everything is for sale, but feel free to just look of course. mp3 13 Cold, Cold World. com coming Feb2013), powered by Volente. Glen Daly - Hail Hail Celtic (2:27) 7. Soul & Funk 80's 70's & 80's Soul, Funk, Jazz & R&B Music. There is no downloadable music here but I have provided links to youtube clips wherever possible. The song itself is such a unique jazz standard that there’s hardly any instrument that could ‘spoil’ its universal melody. Lots of jazz oddities. Lots of 60's and 70's Soul, Slow Jams, Rarities, Reggae, Disco! And now -- Blues on Thursdays! A Little Togetherness: 40 roof raising soul jams. Mar 10, 2011 · I do not own the 45 but have scans of the disc, both sides were released on Cd's. But we were the first to be going after albums. Posted by An legendary bit of jazzy soul, by an obscure soul singer from Milwaukee called Penny Goodwin. Intro - Paid in Full (Featuring Yung Tone) 3:34 : 2. Heart Of Soul Classics 1 & 2 Publié par BENTLEYFUNK 2020 à 09:24. BENTLEYFUNK 2020 IN FORCE! Follow. 9%] Level 21 VIT +6 Brave Warrior Shield [Klymuris @ Zakandia Outpost - ] Level 21 Stunning and ultra-rare Japanese jazz masterpiece recorded in 1984. Monday, May 25, 2020. I'm turning 45 (RPM) in less than a week, so it seems like a good time to celebrate with a handful of favorite mellow/ sweet soul 45's. Atlantic Originals - 70's Soul This blogspot music page is only for those collectors that might be interested in buying Or trading rare soul rolitas on zipped compressed music foders. Im starting a new series of sample packs for you guys. These records normally cannot be found anywhere, they have not been reissued/ bootleged or posted anywhere in the net. Soul Stylistic origins Rhythm and blue A Chicano-style oldies collaboration with Cesar of MEXSIDE SOUL COLLECTORS. With artist interviews, album reviews, covers, samples and lyrics. ZAY - How Would You Like It Tonight (2002) MOE SOUL - Can't Seem To Find Me (2019) DOKY BROTHERS - Waiting In Vain (1997) MARK JOHNSON - Daydream (1995) De La Soul (1) Dilated Peoples (1) DJ Premier (2) DJ Quik (1) Doug E. Jody Watley ft. I would like to invite you all Sep 30, 2017 · That spring, the Bar-Kays cut their first single, "Soul Finger," a playful, party-hearty instrumental punctuated by a group of neighborhood children shouting the title. Nov 28, 2018 · Naoko Tsubota is a Japanese actress . Although recorded in Chicago, most of the LP breathes that Southern Soul vibe that graced 'Tell Mama'. The label probably had financial troubles so the record was not pressed in large quantities. Welcome! Rare Chicano Soul (TJ Oldies & DustyRose) - *Here is a compilation that I was honored to be invited to share with my very dear friend of at least 20 yrs on line, Thank you for the invite and BTW I Jun 25, 2020 · A wonderful follow-up to the first compilation (King of the Delta Blues Singers) of Robert Johnson's small library of recorded work. Yet, I would like to complain because some bloggers share entire albums with others whether they have the records or have the tracks from other bloggers. Your Wish Is Our Command: The Northern Soul Of Chicago Part 1. Soul And Funk Music Vinyl CD Records Website and Internet Radio AVRO Back To The Old School, that is specialized in seventies, eighties, nineties, and nowadays funk r&b, soul, boogie, disco, dance classics, indie music. 00h featuring : Here, at Ezhevika Fields, I'm providing information & listening preview samples of lost albums from the past. Lo-Key - Attention - The Shawanda Story 09. 99. mp3 12 Mother-In-Law. rare soul blogspot

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